How LoA Market Works

If you represent a company seeking to register a chemical substance with a regulatory agency, LoA Market allows you to buy letters of access (LoAs) to data supplied by data providers. This page describes how the process works.

Create Account

Your journey starts with creating an account on LoA Market. During account creation, you’ll be asked to provide details about the company you represent. Once you've confirmed your email address, we will conduct a manual review. Upon successful verification, your account will be activated.

Select Data Package

You can browse available data packages here. Our filters allow you to search by jurisdiction, legislation, or tonnage band. Each package is also identified by its product name and the EC and CAS numbers related to the substance.

Select Data Items

After selecting a data package, you'll be able to view the included data items. Clicking on a data item directs you to a page with more detailed information regarding the selected data item.

Most data packages are customizable, meaning that you can select only the desired data items within a package. Bear in mind that some data items are mandatory, and cannot be de-selected. For the sake of completeness some data items are listed in a package, but cannot be purchased via LoA Market, because the data provider does not own the rights to (sub)license. For these cases you'll need to contact the data owner and organize the data sharing yourself.

The price is automatically adjusted based on your data item selection.

Specify Grantee Details

After choosing your data package and its items, you’ll need to input the grantee details. The grantee is the company for whom the letter of access (LoA) will be issued. Each purchased data package is designated for a specific grantee. If you wish to obtain the same LoA for multiple grantees, multiple purchases are required. A single customer account can place orders for more than one grantee.

Review Data Sharing Agreement

Next, you must review the data sharing agreement between opesus and the grantee. This agreement is automatically generated based on the selected data items and grantee details. It includes a preview of the letter of access that will be issued upon completing your order. The agreement must be accepted before you can proceed to checkout.

Place Your Order

Upon adding the data package to your shopping cart, you'll be able to review and modify your selections and see the total cost. Feel free to continue shopping or, if you’re ready, proceed to checkout. Here you can specify shipping details and method. We offer two shipping options:

  • Electronic signature & delivery via email/download (free)
  • Wet signature & postal shipping (for an additional fixed fee)

You'll also have the option to include a PO number and specify a different billing address. Once you've placed your order, we will automatically provide an order summary via email, as well as an order receipt.

Pay For Your Order

Once we've reviewed and approved your order, an order confirmation email will be sent to you with payment instructions. You must pay before opesus creates and sends your letter(s) of access.

Receive Your Letter(s) of Access

Finally, upon receiving your payment, the letter(s) of access for the chosen data package(s) and data item(s) will be issued through your chosen method within 14 days. If any of your data packages include files, you will be able to download them. We will also issue the final invoice at this step.