Frequently Asked Questions


What is a letter of access (LoA)?

A letter of access (LoA) is a legal document that allows the grantee to use the specified data items for the purposes of substance registration with a given regulatory agency.

What is a data provider? How does it differ from a data owner?

The data provider is the company that provides data for LoA Market. The data owner is the company that legally owns the data. There can be cases where these are different legal entities. For example, the data provider might be allowed to further sublicense data from the data owner.

What is a grantee?

The grantee is the legal entity that will appear on the letter of access. Typically, the grantee needs access to data to fulfill their legal requirements under a certain chemical control legislation.

What is a represented party?

The represented party is the legal entity that is represented by a service provider. Typically, the represented party is a manufacturer and / or importer of chemicals.

What is the data sharing agreement?

A legal document which stipulates an agreement between LoA Market and the grantee, regarding the issuing of a letter of access.

Registration, Login & Visibility

Why can’t I sign in?

To sign in, you must first confirm your email address. After you confirm your email address, our team will manually verify and activate your account. This process usually takes us one to two business days.

Why can’t I access a data package?

To view the data items included in a data package, you must first create an account. If you already have an account, please sign in to view data items. After creating an account, you must confirm your email address. After you confirm your email address, our team will manually verify and activate your account.

My company acts as multiple buyers types, what do I register as?

If your company acts as multiple buyer types (registrant acting on own behalf, only representative, or third party representative) depending on the registration, you must create a different customer account for each type. Each account must use a different email address. If you are unsure of what buyer type your company is, you can select “Only representative”. In that case, the grantee and the represented party may be the same entity.

Order Placement

How can I purchase a letter of access (LoA)?

After registering as a customer on our webshop, you can browse through the available data packages here. After selecting a data package and data items, you can order an LoA. For more details, learn about the process.

Why do I need to disclose the represented party?

Different legislations require submitting the name of the importing or manufacturing legal entity. Additionally sanctions might apply when doing business with countries or regions under US and/or EU sanctions.

What data types are included in a data package?

Data packages can consist of different types of data items. Studies, registration files such as IUCLID files, access to technical dossiers, expert statements, robust study summaries as well as other use rights or documents can be included. Most data packages consist of letters of access (LoA) to studies and (if applicable) the LoA to a dossier under a certain legislation.

Can I customize the data item selection in a data package?

Yes. However, some data packages contain mandatory data items (e.g. some dossiers). These cannot be de-selected, meaning that the purchase of any item in the package must be in conjunction with the mandatory items.

Why can’t I de-select a data item?

Some data packages contain mandatory data items (e.g. some dossiers). These cannot be de-selected, meaning that the purchase of any item in the package must be in conjunction with the mandatory items.

I ordered a Package and de-selected a data item, but now I need it. Can I buy it on its own?

Yes, but you would need to buy this data item in a separate purchase. If the data package contains mandatory items that you have previously purchased, please contact us at

Can I include a PO number in my order?

Yes, this is possible at the final step during check-out.

Can I order for multiple grantees with a single account?

Yes, you can place orders for more than one grantee. However, each purchased data package is designated for one grantee. If you wish to obtain the same letter of access for multiple grantees, multiple purchases are required.

I want to order multiple data packages. Can I select different shipping methods per package?

The selected shipping method applies to the entire order. If you wish to have different shipping methods for different items or packages in your order, please place multiple orders.

Are there any fees?

There is a service fee per purchased data package that must be borne by the buyer. Additional fees apply for wet signature and postal shipping.

Order Processing

What shipping options are available?

We offer two shipping options: electronic signature & delivery via email/download (free) or wet signature & postal shipping (for an additional fixed fee).

What payment methods are available?

At the moment, all payments must be completed through bank transfer.

How do I pay for my purchase?

You must pay for your purchase through bank transfer. Payment information will be sent to you via email when we have confirmed your order.

When will I receive my LoA?

Your LoA will be issued through your chosen shipping method within 14 days of receipt of the payment.

When will I receive my files?

You can download the purchased files after receipt of the payment.

How do I receive the LoA?

You will receive an email informing you that your LoA has been issued. The LoA will be available to download in your customer account. If you have selected Wet Signature & Postal Shipping, we will also send the LoA to the shipping address that was stated during checkout.


Can I negotiate the data sharing agreement?

The data sharing agreement is final. It must be accepted before you can proceed with your order.

What jurisdictions / legislations are covered?

Currently, we offer data packages to be used in substance registrations in Türkiye (KKDIK), Korea (ARECS), Taiwan (TCCSCA), and Great Britain (UK REACH).

Who is selling the data?

The seller and service provider is opesus. We have a data sharing agreement with the data providers which allows us to sublicense the data.

I want to register a substance. How do I know that the lead registrant will perform the required tasks to support my registration?

In the data sharing agreement between opesus and the data providers, both parties agreed on certain obligations. For example, this includes the obligation that the data provider will do the necessary steps to enable the sublicensee to become a member of the joint registration.

Support & Help

My question hasn’t been answered yet. Where can I get help?

You can call us at +49 751 768702 - 80 or write us an email at

How do I get in contact with the lead registrant?

We will pass information about purchased data packages to the respective data providers.